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Business Continuity

IT business continuity services are comprehensive plans and strategies put in place to ensure that critical IT systems and operations remain functional during and after a disruptive event. This could be anything from a natural disaster to a cyberattack. By implementing these measures, businesses can maintain essential functions, safeguard data, and swiftly recover from unforeseen disruptions.


Digital transformation services encompass a range of solutions and strategies designed to help businesses leverage technology to evolve and enhance their operations. This involves integrating digital tools and platforms across various facets of the organization, from customer engagement to internal processes. These services aim to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and drive innovation, ultimately leading to a more agile and competitive business model in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven landscape.

Backup Recovery

Backup recovery IT services involve implementing measures to safeguard critical data and systems.This includes regular backups, secure storage, and efficient recovery protocols in case of data loss or system failures. These services ensure that businesses can swiftly recover and resume operations after unforeseen incidents, safeguarding valuable information and minimizing downtime. It’s a vital component of a robust IT strategy, providing peace of mind and resilience in the face of potential disruptions.


Business continuity encompasses more than data protection; it involves preparedness and responsiveness to various threats. In the face of constant changes and potential disruptions and to prioritise adaptability and resilience, we have strategically partnered with leading solution providers to ensure uninterrupted and smooth operations. By choosing OzLink IT, clients benefit from our expertise and access to cutting-edge solutions, ensuring their business remains secure and operational under any circumstances.

Email Hosting

In the early 1970s, email emerged as a fast and reliable internet communication tool. By the mid-2000s, Google introduced cloud-based email services. However, in 2008, this was superseded by the launch of Microsoft Exchange Online, paving the way for what is now Microsoft 365. Today, Microsoft’s email systems have evolved into gateways for integrated services. With OZlink IT and Microsoft 365, you get more than traditional email. Our partnership offers Single Sign-On (SSO) for easy user access, enhanced access controls, seamless integration with OneDrive and SharePoint Online for file storage and collaboration, and robust security via Microsoft Intune. Elevate your business with our services, ensuring reliable communication, productivity, and security.

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